1. I’m not sure what I need. I just know I need help. How will you help me figure out what I need?

a. You talk. We listen. We ask questions. Our first consultation is always free. We are there to listen and to help you decipher what you actually need. We won’t be trying to sell you a packaged deal or a fix all solution. Our conversation will help determine what it is that will help you work in your best way and make your business successful. 

2. I’m embarrassed by the current situation/bookkeeping/disorganized systems/incomplete tasks/etc…Will you judge me?

a. We are not there to judge you. We have probably seen worse - But we’ll never tell who or where. Being a business owner is HARD WORK. You are competent, you just can’t do ALL THE THINGS. We are there to roll up our sleeves and work with you. We will assess the situation, and offer advice and structure, but we will never judge you.

3. How does the payment structure work?

a. We will work with each customer on their specific needs to determine what is affordable, and what is fair. We typically bill by the hour based on the size of the business, with payment due upon receipt of the invoice. We accept credit cards, checks and cash. 

4. How are you different from other consultants?

a. We believe in only providing what is needed and working closely with customers in an adaptable manner. We have the ability to understand how business decisions work together as a whole and effect the entire organization. Every service is unique to your company’s needs. We are not motivational speakers or charismatic salespeople. We are business minds focused on making your business successful. 

5. When can you start?

a. Work load varies from customers who use our services weekly, to customers that just need help on one project. Our objective is to be open about availability and communicate start times based on your needs and deadlines, and our current schedule. We will never take on a project that we can’t complete. We will discuss scheduling with you promptly, to meet goals.